Digital business card

Mofferly is an online tool to create a digital visiting card for your business. Create your digital visiting card within few minutes, download, share it with your valuable clients and leads.

Simple & Easy

Creating visiting card was never that easy before Mofferly, you dont need coding skill, and high technical knowledge to do that.

Amazing Customer Experience

Its an amazing and innovative experience for your customers to find you using digital card.

Share your Card

Its easy to share your business card with your valuable contact on social media platforms, and engage them more with your

Go digital with Mofferly Card

Go modern with your Mofferly digital visitig card, let your business have a digital business card

  • It will save you repeated printing cost you incure for printed cards.
  • No need to worry on damage due to long usage as in printed cards.
  • No need to worry on lose of print over a period of time as in printed cards
  • Good impact on others on sharing a modern, innovative and amazing digital experience

Its just an added advantage in always to own a digital visting card for your business. Create a business card and share it with your contacts over email, whatsapp, facebook , messengers etc.

What your digital card will contain?

Mofferly-Digital visiting card will contain everything that is available on your printed cards, with few more added features and benefits.

  • It can contain a branding logo, profile picture
  • It can contain business info, slogan , caption
  • It can contain contact information
  • It can contain social media links to your pages
  • It can contain video talking more about your business
  • It can contain map for locating your business

Mofferly-digital visiting card is interactive, which makes it an amazing experience for your customers

What your customer can do with visiting card?

Card is interactive, users find it interesting to use with following features

  • Find business info provided in vising card
  • Tap call button to make call quickly
  • Tap Mail button to quickly compose email
  • Navigate to your website
  • Navigate to social media pages
  • Watch video
  • Locate business using map
  • Share your visiting card with others

Unlike printed cards, one customer can share digital visiting card with numerous other customers which makes it very beneficial.